R and P Contracting offers’ complete general contracting services from land purchase to completion. If you are in the market for a new home let us guide you through your land acquisition and the construction of a dream home that will last a lifetime. We will help you understand how the various contours and soil conditions of the property will affect the construction of your new home and at the same time help you avoid buying property with unexpected costly site work.

We will also guide you through the design of your new home, helping you achieve the design you are looking for while maximizing floor space and staying within your budget. Once the design is complete and the construction begins R and P Contracting will make sure every phase of the construction process is achieved with top quality workmanship. Only the best quality materials will be used, all the time staying within your budget. You will be guided through the entire construction process including color choices and finishes.

If you are in the market for an addition or renovation R and P Contracting offers all the same services as for a new home and more. We will make sure your addition blends in with the style and configuration of your home so upon completion appears as if it was always there. We know it can be a burden on homeowners during construction, with workers in their home every day, dust, noise, and the disruption of your daily routine. We understand this and make every effort to leave your daily routine unaffected during construction. This is accomplished with proper scheduling, daily communication, with the owners so they know what to expect, and keeping your property clean and safe at all times. Our main concern is that the customer is happy. We are very conscious that construction projects are a large investment for everyone and we want the customers to be completely satisfied with the completed product for years to come. Our customers all receive our full attention regardless of job size.

R and P Contracting uses our own forces for a large portion of our projects, giving us greater control over the quality of our work and the timely completion of our projects. Also, our in house structural engineer will answer all structural questions promptly and to everyone’s satisfaction. With all of this work being completed with our own staff we have greater control of the quality of the end product and the timely completion of our projects.

If you require financing for your project, R and P Contracting can guide you through this process by explaining the various types of loans and the requirements to qualify for them. We will work side by side with you and your banker from the appraisal process until the final disbursement.